Thursday’s Paper: “Spin Big”

“Spin Big”: Continuing the work of mapping the Background(s)

by Christa Lebens, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Rita’s and Christa’s papers are in the second row of page tabs, in white, under the first row of tabs in black.  I apologize for any confusion this caused Wednesday

    • Rita Alfonso
    • April 14th, 2010

    Perhaps it is too late for this event, but I wish there was a way to access the papers for printing and reading off line. I still am not adept at reading papers on a computer screen…. I get the sense that there is some common themes emerging through the papers, but reading them in bits on-line has short-circuited my synthesis machine.

  1. I agree. I could send in a PDF of my paper for those who prefer that format. Oh, btw, there’s no ‘h’ in my name. 🙂


  2. Sorry Crista — This is what happens when I post right before going to bed!

    We don’t have hosting space to save papers as downloadable files. However, there may be some way of working out an email exchange of papers…Perhaps a “Please send me your paper” Saturday thread…?

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