Friday’s Paper and Artwork

I have loaded two pages for Friday, both available in the third row of pages at the top (the second row of white buttons).

First, we have “Mothering with Disability” by Maeve O’Donovan of the College of Notre Dame of Maryland.

This paper serves as somewhat of a transition between this Virtual Conference and our APA Eastern panel on feminism and disability.  You can contact Maeve for more information/submitting to this panel. (modonovan AT nmd DOT edu)

Also, we have three pieces by Ani Rose Whaleswan, each of which is inspired by/in conversation with the work of Mary Daly.

Finally, just to remind everyone that the comments will remain open Saturday and Sunday, but will be closed at 11:59pm Sunday night.

    • Rita Alfonso
    • April 15th, 2010

    HI Robin, it looks like when you added the new papers, it covered up access to the papers above them. Is there a way to fix this? Perhaps if you shortened the names of the papers (list under just last name(s)?) all the papers would fit under a single tab? Cheers, Rita

    • Thanks, Rita. It is not doing that on my screen. Are you perhaps on a PC? or using a browser other than Firefox? (I’m trying to figure out *where* the problem is…). Thanks! Robin

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