Welcome to the ESWIP 2010 Virtual Conference!
This is our first virtual conference, and we are excited about the possibilities this new format brings.  We also ask for your forgiveness and your patience if and when any unforeseen problems arise.

The conference will take place April 12-18.   Presentations will be posted from the 12th-15th, and comments will remain open until 11:59pm on the 18th.  After the 18th of April, 2010, comments will be closed.

The program is available here: https://easternsocietyforwomeninphilosophy.wordpress.com/2010/04/03/initial-program/

To Comment/Participate:

1. You need to go to this tread and post a comment with your Name, Position, and Institutional Affiliation.  Once I approve this comment, you will be able to comment freely on any and all posts on the site.  Here’s the link: https://easternsocietyforwomeninphilosophy.wordpress.com/2010/04/06/register-to-comment-here/

2.  You will be able to comment on individual papers, and comments will be threaded so that you can comment on a comment.  Papers will be formatted so that paragraphs are numbered, in brackets, at the beginning of each paragraph.  When referencing a specific point in the text of a paper, please use these paragraph numbers.

Please watch our blog for further details about registration, participation, and other conference logistics.

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