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Initial Program

ESWIP 2010 Virtual Conference Program

Monday 12 April:

“Daly, Lugones, and the Ontology of Freedom”

Jennifer Benson, Washington College

Tuesday 13 April: “The Production of Queer Space”

D. Rita Alfonso, UC Berkeley

Wednesday 14 April:

“Women in the ‘Grey Zone’? Ambiguity, Complicity and Rape Culture”

Dr. Deb Waterhouse-Watson, Monash University and Dr. Adam Brown, Deakin University

Thursday 15 April:

“Spin Big’: Continuing the work of mapping the foreground(s)”

Crista Lebens, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Friday 16 April:

“Mothering with Disability: Hidden Costs, Invisible Challenges”

Maeve O’Donovan,  College of Notre Dame of Maryland


Warrior and Priestess

by Ani Rose Whaleswan,

Facebook: Ani Rose W

Participants – if your information needs correction, please let me know ! — rmj


Why a virtual conference?

Why a virtual conference?

The main reason is accessibility.  The ESWIP Executive Officers and I thought it might be interesting, and in keeping with ESWIP’s values and commitments, to try out this new format as a way of making the conference more accessible to a wide variety of people, such as (but certainly not limited to): students, the underemployed, and all of us with either already limited or newly reduced travel funding; those whose disabilities may make traditional conference formats and/or travel difficult; feminist philosophers  who might otherwise have difficulty traveling to the east coast.  We are also hoping that this new format will allow for different kinds of discussion, responses, and interactions—if you’ve taught an online or a blended class, you may be familiar with the ways that online interaction can allow for  thoughtful and robust discussions in ways unavailable in the traditional classroom.

I hope that this conference can live up to these goals!  I welcome your feedback.