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Thanks for a Successful Conference!

I just want to thank everyone for contributing to a very successful virtual conference!  I especially want to thank our presenters, the chair of the program committee, Lisa Wilkinson, and ESWIP’s Treasurer, Lisa Yount, who helped put registration together.

I have closed comments on all the “pages”; however, if you wish to continue discussions, please do so in the posts (in the blog feed) for each day (e.g., Maeve’s paper on Friday’s post, etc.).  I have also taken down the text of “The Production of Queer Space” at Rita’s request.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and especially if you have any suggestions.  This is both ESWIP’s and my first virtual conference, so I’m eager to learn how to improve and tweak the format.

Thanks again!



Would You Send Me A Copy Of Your Paper?

Some have mentioned that they would like to have printable versions of some of the papers.

Please use the comment section to request a copy of specific papers.  Authors, it’s totally up to you if you want to distribute your work; however, if you are willing to share, this is the place to look to see who may want a copy they can turn into a hard copy.

Please post your name, which paper(s) you would like, and your email address in this format:

blahblahblah AT blahblah DOT blahblah (e.g., rjames7 AT uncc DOT edu)

This format should protect us from spambots (hopefully!).

Friday’s Paper and Artwork

I have loaded two pages for Friday, both available in the third row of pages at the top (the second row of white buttons).

First, we have “Mothering with Disability” by Maeve O’Donovan of the College of Notre Dame of Maryland.

This paper serves as somewhat of a transition between this Virtual Conference and our APA Eastern panel on feminism and disability.  You can contact Maeve for more information/submitting to this panel. (modonovan AT nmd DOT edu)

Also, we have three pieces by Ani Rose Whaleswan, each of which is inspired by/in conversation with the work of Mary Daly.

Finally, just to remind everyone that the comments will remain open Saturday and Sunday, but will be closed at 11:59pm Sunday night.

Thursday’s Paper: “Spin Big”

“Spin Big”: Continuing the work of mapping the Background(s)

by Christa Lebens, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Rita’s and Christa’s papers are in the second row of page tabs, in white, under the first row of tabs in black.  I apologize for any confusion this caused Wednesday

Wednesday’s Paper: “The Production of Queer Space”

The Production of Queer Space

by D. Rita Alfonso

As usual, the paper is posted as a “page” accessible in the top right corner of the conference site.

Exciting event:
Rita has planned a synchronous ustream event to discuss her paper.  This sounds exciting!  From Rita: IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TAKING PART OF A LIVE ONLINE DISCUSSION OF THIS PAPER ON WED OR FRIDAY, PLEASE DROP ME A LINE AND I’LL SEND YOU MORE DETAILS: .

Thanks, Rita, for making the conference even more interactive!


Tuesday’s Paper: Women in the ‘Grey Zone’?

I’m excited to see that discussion of the first paper has started; comments will remain open on this until Sunday at 11:59pm, so there’s still plenty of time to think and talk about this paper.

I’ve posted Tuesday’s paper:

Women in the ‘Grey Zone’?

Ambiguity, Complicity and Rape Culture

Dr Deb Waterhouse-Watson & Dr Adam Brown

And, as always, if something isn’t working, please let me know so I can fix it!


Conference Open!

I’m pleased to announce the official opening of the 2010 ESWIP Virtual Conference!

Our first paper–Jennifer Benson’s “Daly, Lugones, and the Ontology of Freedom”–is up and available for commenting – you can find a link to the paper’s main page in the top right corner of the website, next to the “Registration” and “About” pages.

For an explanation of how this all works, follow this link:

I’d also like to remind everyone to register, both with ESWIP:

And with the conference website (this gives you the ability to comment on posts):