4. Conclusion

[20] If we begin with a conception of multiplicitous subjectivity, and keep the notion of an ongoing curdled blend in mind, it is possible to see the freedom here and now.  Be-ing free, as I want to speak of it here, is a possibility for the impure.  It is a way of be-ing wherein the subject continually creates her identity as an uneven blend of selves, opening possibilities as a matter of regular practice.  One fosters personal action and social engagement characterized by impurity and even opposition.  In the practice of freedom we engage in ongoing invention and interplay that is never purified.  To live as such a being is to be in motion, structurally unstable, surrounded by boundaries, but certainly capable of inventing possibilities for action.  This form of subjectivity allows us to see and analyze freedom, a crucial but sometimes forgotten tool for feminism.

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