Women in the ‘Grey Zone’?

Women in the ‘Grey Zone’?

Ambiguity, Complicity and Rape Culture

Dr Deb Waterhouse-Watson & Dr Adam Brown

Dr Deb Waterhouse-Watson completed her PhD at Monash University, Australia, on the representation of football culture and sexual assault in the Australian media, and has published in this and other areas. Deb currently teaches English, Literature and Communications Studies at Monash and Deakin Universities. Her research interests include: gender and sexualities; sport; law and literature; popular culture, including film, television series, magazines and media texts; popular literary genres such as romance, science fiction and fantasy; and children’s literature.

Dr Adam Brown teaches history, literature and communication studies at Deakin University and works in the testimonies department at the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne, Australia. He publishes critical and creative works, and has just completed a PhD on Holocaust representation, focusing on how moral judgements are revealed in portrayals of ‘privileged’ Jews in Holocaust memoir, history and film. Adam is currently working on a joint project with Deb Waterhouse-Watson on Nazism, Women and the Holocaust. His research interests include Holocaust and Genocide studies; historical representation; postmodernism; and film.

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